Corporate Governance

Articles looking at various aspects of corporate governance

Corporate Governance debates

  1. The Brydon Report –When looking backward should be the way forward
  2. The Brydon Report – a curate’s egg
  3. Response to the government consultation on CMA report on statutory audit services
  4. The baked bean audit (a discussion about the CMA report into the audit industry and what it says about how regulators are thinking and behaving)
  5. The audit punch-bag: Where is the voice of industry? (a plea for knowledge and thoughtful analysis over knee jerk politicking)
  6. Motherhood & apple pie – the latest corporate governance regulations for private companies (a critical response to the FRC consultation)
  7. “Marking our homework” – Why executives resent non-execs (some personal experience here)
  8. New PM, but corporate governance is still a political punchbag. (little changes…)
  9. Dodgy statistics and wild claims just patronise women (We need more females on boards because it is the right thing to do and they suffer discrimination through their careers, but poor use of statistics to make wild claims doesn’t help anyone).
  10. Why do we have corporate governance regulation? (a plea for evidence-based regulation)
  11. Tesco’s Barnard Castle moment of truth. An acid test for a business that emphasises ESG, when it takes advantage of a misplaced government subsidy.
  12. Are Old Boys’ Networks used as a recruitment weapon against women? An academic paper takes on this issue with mixed success

Reviews of corporate failures

  1. The collapse of Carillion – What can we learn? (a lot if you look at the facts)
  2. Carillion – a salutary reminder on due diligence (reminding people that the signs were there in published accounts)
  3. Escape from the Rock (lessons learned from the Northern Rock collapse)